More Than Just Baskets

While visiting Lesotho last week, we kept a journal with the hopes of sharing about all of the exciting things we were seeing, learning, and experiencing. We are closing in on the finish line of this series of posts, we hope you have enjoyed them all so far!

These posts are a part of a series, if this is your first time reading you may want to start here.

Friday, January 8th, 2016

The last event of our week in Lesotho was helping out in the Marketplace at Khokhoba Baptist Church. Reclaimed has done a great job of empowering women and men through the Marketplace.


Each individual receives an order to fill, spends the month making their craft (beaded necklaces, baskets, stuffed elephants, bags), and then brings it to the Marketplace meeting for Reclaimed to purchase. Reclaimed then sells the product stateside at trunk shows hosted by anyone interesting in selling the product. 


This group of about 50 women and men meet together regularly throughout the month where they are taught how to handle their money through financial management classes. More importantly, the Reclaimed team presents the Gospel to the group every month too.


When the women and men were first being trained to make products, they were asked to commit to give a portion of their income back to the Orphan Care Centers. They all agreed on 25% of each of their earnings. This money has been used by the Care Center to buy food and clothing for the kids, a new stove to prepare meals, and even the new building.


Tyler and I really enjoyed seeing this process firsthand and it was great to see how much Reclaimed means to these women and men. It adds a new dimension to our jobs after being a part of this day at the Marketplace. 

If you are interested in hosting a trunk show, please comment below or send us a message. The trunk show can be hosted in your home with a few close friends or with larger groups through your work or church. When you host a trunk show, you help bring the Marketplace full circle and become a vital part of sustainable change in Lesotho. Please let us know if you have any questions or would like to host a trunk show.

With Love,
Tyler & Rachel

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