Will There Ever Be Routine?

Below is a short recap of the last few weeks. Just to share what has been going on here.

Rachel and I spent the last two weeks of October with the Flora’s semester intern, Mic, and their foster child, little “M” while the Floras were in South Africa. We were surprised by how much fun we had, and at the same time, how tired we were from such a busy two weeks. Mic has become a great friend of ours, and we really enjoyed working with her so closely. She is ministering this semester by teaching little M, sharing discipleship lessons to new believers, and helping the Flora’s with food deliveries from BGR (Baptist Global Response). And, little M is learning to count by twos, read paragraphs, and is always entertaining us. During these two weeks, she even learned to ride her bike without training wheels! We all had so much fun following her up and down the street as I held on to her. After a few close calls, she quickly got the hang of it and now she doesn’t even need help getting started.


Don’t tell Teresa, but we may have spoiled her with a movie and popcorn almost every night! We even had to deal with the consequences of giving a 7 year old a Coke with dinner right before bed. Never again.

We love this little one and are praying daily for her.

She also came with us to the Care Centers every afternoon. She did great with all the kids! Well, besides for the time she slammed a door and broke the door knob off so I had to climb through the window to pry the door open… Kids.

Rachel and I remember the day we taught the kids 4 corners. We played outside with 4 chairs and the kids were loving it. I saw sweet little M with her arm around Tspang, sneaking from chair to chair with her. They were being so cute together. We got in the car and little M was so excited to tell us about her new friend. I wish I had gotten a picture of it. Such a special memory for us.

Tspang is one of the newest to the center. I think she started coming over the Summer. When we got here in August, she was extremely quiet. Not like the other kids, I had actually never seen her open her mouth. She wouldn’t play with others and we would find her sitting alone just watching everyone else. But this particular day, we brought in new toys for the kids before most of them arrived. Tspang and Maipato started playing together! I was amazed. She was talking and interacting more than I had ever seen her do. And smiling!


I was so happy to see her opening up and being a kid. Rachel and I often wonder about what the kids are like when we aren’t there. If they talk more, act differently, or even misbehave more? It has been amazing to see the kids change over the last few months and becoming more comfortable with us being around. It is so great to be greeted by smiling faces and waves instead of just blank stares.


One of the major tasks for us has been delivering from BGR to villages nearby (and some not so nearby). Lesotho has been in a major drought for several years and as a result many have been left without food. Each month several hundred families receive a supply of mealie (mashed corn), beans, oil, and peanuts along with several spices and salt to cook with. It is such a blessing to be on the giving end of a project that is doing so much good and saving lives every month.

There was one day that we delivered over 70 food packs to a village and I was asked to teach. I taught about the widow from 2 Kings 4:1-7. In this story Elisha instructs the poor widow to take the oil she has and pour it into as many vessels as she could find. A creditor had come and was threatening to take her son if she did not pay the debt. God worked a miracle by multiplying the little oil she had. After all the jars were filled, she sold them and had enough money to pay off her debts. I was even able to use the oil that goes in their food packs to illustrate God’s provision.

This was my first time teaching to a large crowd. I’ll be honest and say I was nervous while preparing, but after getting started it felt so great to share God’s word. I am looking forward to the next time sharing in a setting like this.



After the Flora’s returned to Lesotho, Rachel, Mic and I went down to South Africa for a few days. We had to get some work done on the car and needed groceries big time. Mic was a trooper. We told her she could never share all the things she witnessed on that trip. Lets just say there were many occasions of our true colors being shown, and the not so easy parts of marriage were put on display for her to witness from the back seat. We could call it pre-martial counseling for her.

As I am writing this post, we are about to pick up a team of ten people. We are super excited, and also a little nervous to be hosting our first team. Fans of the blog will remember the term “nercited”. Well while we were in Johannesburg a few weeks ago with Mic, we went ahead and bought all the non-perishable food items for the them. It was quite the experience! Mic and I both had a cart to fill at Makro (equivalent to BJ’s or Sam’s Club), while Rachel ran all over the store finding everything we needed. Because our car was being worked on, we had to rent one for a few days. At the rental car place, we asked for a car that could fit the three of us comfortably. They gave us the smallest little matchbox car on the lot! On one hand, we were thankful for that car because it was cheapest, but on the other hand we were a bit nervous knowing all the shopping we had to do and the fact that Mic had to fit in the back with all the goodies. We were crammed in there good!


We got lost in Maseru trying to find a hole in the wall fabric shop. I’m sure Mic was sitting in the back worried for her life as we sped all over town. After multiple attempts, we finally found it. Well, actually, we called the owner of the store and they had to come find us on the street. Seriously though, it was impossible! We were there to buy stuffing for the star ornaments the Love Poppy women are making for Christmas. We hadn’t bought this before and didn’t know how much we would need. We called MeMookho to ask and she didn’t know either.

So we bought a lot.


We finally made it back home and unpacked everything. It was an adjustment moving back to our house, and it was weird not being with Mic and little M every minute of the day. We had grown to like the Flora’s house and our little family there.

That basically catches us up on all our adventures over the last few weeks.

Please be praying for us this upcoming week as we host our first team. We pray that their hearts will break for the orphaned and vulnerable children here in Lesotho, that the women from the Care Centers will be encouraged by their lessons and testimonies, and that the kids will have a blast with ten new friends to play with.

With Love,
Tyler & Rachel

This didn’t really have a place, so please enjoy a picture of our first Basotho gift. We were blessed by this sacrificial gift from one of the Care Centers, and even got to see the preparation firsthand. The Flora’s dogs got to enjoy the smell, but we really enjoyed our chicken dinner that night!


5 thoughts on “Will There Ever Be Routine?

  1. jrtvenus November 20, 2016 / 12:02 am

    Praying every day!

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  2. Gloria November 21, 2016 / 7:02 pm

    So blessed by your updates on all you are doing and how God is leading you to be the hands and feet for Jesus in Lesotho! Praying for your upcoming week, as you host your first team!


  3. Gramma November 28, 2016 / 11:13 am

    Praying for you as you host your team, and looking forward to hearing all that is done through you all together in the week! Love reading how Father is continually using you there! PTL! Love you!!!


  4. Gramma November 28, 2016 / 11:18 am

    Praying for you all and the team this week, and looking forward to hearing all Father has done as a result of your work together! I love reading how Father is using you there! PTL! Love you!


  5. Steve Vehorn November 29, 2016 / 6:36 pm

    Great write up and can we suggest more dog pictures! Those are great!


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